Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show 2014 Free Stuff



We'll be attending the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show in Edmonton Oct 17-19.  We'll be bringing all sorts of goodies and freebies so make sure you swing by booth# 147 and pay us a visit.  

Wrap Installation Demo

On Friday night and first thing Saturday morning we will be wrapping a 2015 Ski-Doo XM 163 with our "Cloud Chaos" design in Red. A big thanks to Rob and the crew over at Riverside Honda & Ski-Doo for lending us a machine to use for the show.

Win a FREE sled wrap from

On Sunday afternoon we'll be making a draw for a complete sled wrap including: nose / tunnel / windshield / headlights (headlights availability subject to sled model). The draw winner will be able to select any of our sled wrap designs for any of the supported chassis that we now support.  Supported chassis include ArcticCat: Proclimb, M-Series Polaris: PRO, Dragon Ski-Doo: XM, XP, REV, XU (Skandic) Yamaha: SRViper, SXViper Timbersled: xx-2014 ST / LT

FREE Stickers

We'll be bringing a couple thousand of these bad boys (right) to give away at the show but they're first come, first served so make sure you get to our booth early so you can join the "Powder Battalion".

Save on Shipping

If you're going to be attending the show and want a sled wrap from you can use coupon code "SNOWSHOW" to remove the shipping fee from your order. We'll bring your kit with us to the show and you can pick it up from us at our booth# 147

Ladies Ride Calendar 2015

Our Ladies Ride 2015 calendars just arrived yesterday featuring none other than Penny Cartwright and her wrapped Polaris PRO.  Penny helped us come up with the concept for the Snow Demon and will be on hand to autograph calendars for bit on one of the days. Brandy Floyd, the driving force behind   the calendar, elaborates on what it's all about.

   "The Annual Ladies Ride calendar exclusively features women who own and ride snowmobiles. These women are not paid and volunteer to participate. The goal of this calendar is to promote women in snowmobiling. Promote their strength, their unique beauty,   their sled, and their riding                                                                                                                         abilities. Similar to other sledding calendars, you’ll find it filled with lots of actions shots…cliff drops, water cro ssings, carving, and tree riding. Each month also features a studio photo of the rider and her sled. Some of the women spend months preparing for the photo shoot with personal trainers and special iets, some others just arrive ready for a day of hair, make-up and fun. All of them are sledders. They have scars. Some are curvy, some are not. Some are tall and some are short. They range in age from 23 to 60 (but that’s just because we haven’t been approached by a woman in her 70s…yet). One thing they all have in common is their genuine smile and a mischievous twinkle in their eye. The sleds featured are owned and operated by the women. All riding photos in the calendar feature only women. You will not find men or models in this calendar. This calendar is not intended to further promote the sexualization of women. It is intended to empower snowmobile athletes that are women. It is to inspire other women to take things to the next level, be it in your inner strength, your fitness level, your wrenching level or your riding level." 

Calendars will be available at the show booth for $20 + taxes each. For those not attending the Edm. show they are also available through our website here.

See you at the show!


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