2018 Season Sled Wraps & Templates are here

Well kids, we're almost there. We haven't had any snow yet here in Prince George but some of the surrounding areas and mountains have seen their first dustings.of the white stuff. We know you're all spending the evenings in your garages listening to romantic music while staring at your better halves.

The other thing that happens this time of year is NEW WRAP DESIGNS! We`re exited to bring you a new batch of 8 unique designs that will set you apart on the hill. This year we`ve got mech`s, tiger`s, snow goddess`s and more. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as there maybe be one or two more stragglers that show up to the party a little late.



Tokyo Nights Proclimb


On The Prowl Ski-Doo Gen4 850


Vector Templates Now Available

The other big announcement that we have for this season is that we will be making all of our vector templates available for purchase! We`ve held off on selling templates for a number of years because we felt the quality of our templates, which we make 100% from scratch ourselves, really set us apart for the majority of wrap companies out there. You may not be aware but a HUGE portion of the wrap industry sources their templates from one main company that sells powersports templates.To be frank, these templates leave a lot to be desired and you can tell they are not designed by someone with hands on wrap experience. We decided to build our own so we knew every wrap that left our hands was going to fit the sled bang on and leave our customers super happy with how they fit.


Over the years we have accumulated a solid catalogue of sled templates and we`ve been getting more and more requests from other wrap companies, graphic designers and sign shops to get access to them........and we finally agree THE TIME IS NOW! We`ve started to upload our templates and we are shooting to have them all up on and the site by the end of October. We`ll of course be adding more as we create new ones. If you don`t see what you`re looking for now, odds are it`s coming down the pipe.

We`ve spent countless hours putting these templates together. They are built by people who understand the wrap process from start to finish: setting up designs with proper registration, creating tight nests, understanding the ins and outs of installation, etc. We take great pride in knowing that our finished product always meets a high standard and now you can too.

Note: We also have select quad, sxs and mx templates that we`ll be uploading as well.


Better Templates - Better Results

More Coverage -  We ensure that when we template a machine that no reasonable nook or cranny is left exposed.

Better Fit - We believe if you're going to do a wrap the pieces should fit properly without gaps and that lines and corners should be clean and crisp. Wherever possible our pieces fit within 1/16" - 1/8" of each other and the edge of the panel they are going on. You won't find wobbles or pointy corners (round corners help prevent lifting) in these templates.

Properly Registered - All of our templates come properly registered on screen. This means that when you go to install the printed wrap that your graphics will line up. Because of the complexity of transferring a 2D graphic on to a 3D machine, there are some areas where you can't avoid having graphics not line up. Our templates also include a layer that highlight problem areas so you can make sure no critical design elements end up there. BUT, everywhere where things should line up, they will. 

Ease Of Install - During the templating process we have taken end user installs into account. Not all kits are installed by professionals and it's important for your customer to not be overwhelmed with tricky pieces. We've sometimes added extra pieces or reliefs in places that make sense to ensure your wraps are reasonable to install for the average person.

Optimized Nest Layouts - Included in all of our wrap templates are optimized nest layouts. These will help you ensure you are placing your pieces in the print file in a way that will use the smallest sq/ft of media possible.

Free Updates - When we discover areas of improvement on our templates we will update our files and automatically email you an updated download URL with the new version of the template for you.

If you have any questions on our new designs or powersports templates please give us at shout, TOLL FREE 1-855-239-6731 or email us at info@thedecalden.com



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