12-16 Arctic Cat Wildcat Template

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Please Note: We currently only have the full coverage doors available with this template at this time. Most doors for the Wildcat models have the partial door. We will add the partial door to this template as soon as we can.


Better Templates - Better Results

Our reputation has been built by putting out quality wraps that we are proud to put our name on. The biggest reason we have been able to put out quality wraps and graphic kits is because we've built every single template you see here over extensive hours of tedious attention to detail. We've created these templates trying to solve all the problems that we ran into when purchasing templates before we got frustrated with poor results and decided to make our own. The good news is that all of these solutions are included in your purchase. All you need to do is make your purchase and get to work with peace of mind that the finished product will contribute to your company's reputation of quality.

More Coverage -  We ensure that when we template a machine that no reasonable nook or cranny is left exposed.

Better Fit - We believe if you're going to do a wrap the pieces should fit properly without gaps and that lines and corners should be clean and crisp. Wherever possible our pieces fit within 1/16" - 1/8" of each other and the edge of the panel they are going on. You won't find wobbles or pointy corners (round corners help prevent lifting) in these templates.

Properly Registered - All of our templates come properly registered on screen. This means that when you go to install the printed wrap that your graphics will line up. Because of the complexity of transferring a 2D graphic on to a 3D machine, there are some areas where you can't avoid having graphics not line up. Our templates also include a layer that highlight problem areas so you can make sure no critical design elements end up there. BUT, everywhere where things should line up, they will. 

Ease Of Install - During the templating process we have taken end user installs into account. Not all kits are installed by professionals and it's important for your customer to not be overwhelmed with tricky pieces. We've sometimes added extra pieces or reliefs in places that make sense to ensure your wraps are reasonable to install for the average person.

Optimized Nest Layouts - Included in all of our wrap templates are optimized nest layouts. These will help you ensure you are placing your pieces in the print file in a way that will use the smallest sq/ft of media possible.

Free Updates - When we discover areas of improvement on our templates. We will update our files and automatically email you an updated download URL with the new version of the template for you.

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