Our Polaris AXYS chassis wraps fit the following models: PRO, PRO-S, RMK, Switchback, Assault, Rush, XCR, SP, Indy and Voyageur. There are also additional designs that can be transferred to the AXYS body that aren't displayed here. If you browse our designs shown on the PRO chassis and would like something moved over to the AXYS please contact us and we'll be happy to do it free of charge.
Tunnels kits are available for the 155" and 163" configurations. If you own a short track sled you can use the 155" tunnel kit and trim off the excess at the back.
Windshields kits are available in the Low profile.
Please note that windshield kits are sold separately from the nose kit and are only shown in the nose preview to give you an idea of what a complete sled would look like