TheDecalDen is excited to offer a number of sponsorship tiers for motoX riders the world over. We're always looking for brand ambassadors who can help represent our commitment to a quality product in a positive and consistent manner.

Mason - MotoX Wrap Sponsorship

We take a number of factors into consideration when evaluating sponsorship applications such as number of races per season, circuits being raced (geographic area), podiums, media coverage, social media exposure and rider professionalism. All of these things are considered but not required to qualify for a sponsorship. For instance, if you don’t race but your social media game is strong there could still be a win/win relationship. If you DNF every race but are heavily involved in your local motoX association or community than we'd still be excited to work with you!

 If you'd like to apply for our sponsorship program please fill out the attached form and return it to info@thedecalden.com with your rider resume.

MX Wrap Sponsorship application