General Installation

Never installed a wrap before? Watch these videos for a thorough walk through of the entire process.  Installing decals isn't rocket science but there are some techniques that you will want to take a few minutes to learn in order to put your kit on bubble and wrinkle free.

We recorded this video installing a kit to a Polaris Rush RMK body but the principles and tecniques apply to any type of machine you might have purchased a kit for.

Proclimb Nose Tips

One of the main questions we get asked about when it comes to installing sled wraps is how to do the nose cone pieces on the Arctic Cat Proclimb body-style. These are by far the trickiest pieces to do on any modern sled.  The techniques covered in this video also apply to any other sled that has a hard curve such as the Arctic Cat M Series body or some of the older body sleds.