What Makes Our Sled Wraps Premium Grade?

We know our reputation is on the line every time we drop a batch of our graphic kits off at the post office. That's why we've taken painstaking measures in every aspect of what we do to ensure our every one of our Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha sled wraps meet the highest standards of coverage, fit, finish and durability. You'll be hard pressed to find a more complete package at such a competitive price. 


Unique High-Resolution (300dpi) Graphics

If you're looking for "crazy" sled wraps filled with angular geometric shapes and wild colors you can find that on pretty much any wrap site out there. If you're looking for highly detailed skulls shooting realistic vibrant lightning from their eyes or a decal kit that looks like a real dragon well then there is really only one place you can find those sorts of graphic kits, right here. Not only that but all of our wraps are designed at 300dpi at full scale and printed on our 1440 x 1440 resolution eco solvent printer for the sharpest looking, most vibrant layered detail you can find anywhere. In short, we're trying to bring new design ideas to the table and do it at the highest quality possible.

Complete Coverage

Our sled wraps are the most complete graphic kits you'll find anywhere. Every surface that can take a decal gets a decal. Including the headlights! All the little nooks and crannies that the competition doesn't bother to template, we template. For example try and find another Polaris RMK wrap with all the pieces highlighted in pink below. (Hint: Don't waste your time, you won't be able to find one)


Thicker Vinyl

Most of our competitors are using 10mil thick vinyl or less. Some of them will even tell you it's not just about thickness, which is true - to some extent. These same sites then offer you their "Bullet Proof Upgrade". What's the upgrade? Thickness, so you tell us if it matters or not.

Every piece of our sled wrap kits is made with 11.5mil thick motoX grade vinyl specifically formulated to take a beating for many seasons.  Our decals have a high-bond adhesive that ensures your wrap will stay on, even in the harshest of environments. Our dirt bike and quad kits are made with 18mil thick vinyl and SxS are made with 13 mil thick vinyl.

Precision Fit

The first step of the entire wrapping process is creating the template for each machine.  Whether we're working on a Yamaha SRViper or the Ski-Doo Skandic Chassis. We spend excessive amounts of time ensuring proper fit for every piece of your graphic kit.  With tolerances as low as 1/16th of an inch in some locations sometimes it's hard to tell what color the original plastics were.

North American Made

All of our decal kits are designed, printed, laminated, cut, packaged and shipped from our shop based in Prince George, BC Canada. No low quality overseas manufacturing. No drop shippers who have no idea what's in our products.  Straight from our hands to your door. That's the way we do it.

Thorough Installation Guides

Our installation video clocks in at a whopping 36:24! Why so long? Because if you've never installed a sled wrap before chances are you aren't going to get the information you need from a 5 minute long time lapse. Installing a wrap kit properly isn't exactly rocket science but there are certain techniques and preparation methods that will make a huge difference in you having the ability to put your decal kit on bubble and wrinkle free. We wanted to make sure we shared that information with you so at the end of the process you are completely stoked with the results. Premium grade wraps. Premium Grade Information.