Ski-Doo REV - Cloud Chaos (Purple) - Spring Fling

There's a storm a brewing. Multiple textures and vibrant lightning collide to create an understated yet highly detailed wrap for those of us who don't need a screaming loud design but still want to customize our rides.


So here's the deal. We rarely do sales BUT we happen to have a number of pre-printed nose wraps that are left over from tradeshows so we're blowing em' out! Because they are pre-printed there is ONLY 1 of each. What you see here is what is for sale. As soon as someone buys the 1 in stock IT'S GONE. So if you like what you see, better makes sure you grab it before someone else does. Obviously a lot of you are looking for full wraps so we've included the option to add the matching tunnel and windshield to your nose kit for 30% off normal retail (+$200 CAD or $150 USD)!!!!!

Collections: Sled Designs, Spring Fling

Type: Sleds